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Our History

The Alliance for National Transformation (The Alliance) was formed as a result of a comprehensive, nation-wide consultative process. We are proud of our beginnings because they not only demonstrate our capacity and willingness to walk the talk of inclusive, institutionalized and democratic leadership, but also ensure that from the very beginning, we are a party with a purpose.

Although The Alliance was duly registered as a political party by the Electoral Commission on the 25th of April, 2019, our journey began several months before that.

Our history
November 2017: National Consultations Begin

Between November 2017 and September 2019, our founders, led by Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Mugisha Muntu embarked on a nation-wide consultation process to try and resolve longstanding conflicts within the opposition.

September 2018: Decision to form The Alliance is Made

Following exhaustive consultations that covered 18 of 22 sub-regions, a decision was made for us to begin the process of forming a new political organisation. Initially operating as The New Formation, we would later register with the Electoral Commission as the Alliance for National Transformation.

October 2018: Registration process Begins

In October 2018, we began to collect signatures from citizens as per the requirements of the national constitution. Within a month, we had already collected more than the required signatures and submitted all the necessary information to the Electoral Commission. Although we were ready to launch the party in December 2018, delays in the verification process by the Electoral Commission meant that the process was extended till March 2019.

March 2019: Electoral Commission Clears Party

On 19th March 2019, the Electoral Commission declared that we had met all the necessary conditions to be registered a political party. The announcement was followed by a 30 day public notice period after which the Commission issued us a certificate of registration.