In Conversation With Hon Sarah Kiyingi Kama - October 2022

This report highlights the major elements of the In Conversation With (ICW) Hon. Sarah Kiyingi Kyama dialogue, moderated by Agathar Atuhaire.

Hon. Sarah Kiyingi Kyama’s experience on serving in President Museveni’s parliament

It was an honour serving as minister of state for internal affairs. For me, I was strongly against the extension of President Museveni’s term in office. His tenure of presidency was over after serving 10 years and it was time for him to step down. I was not in support of tampering with the constitution to change the term limit of presidency.  I believed that, such practice would strongly set a precedent of the constitution being continually manipulated. Due to this, I was dropped.


Views on the removal of Presidential term limit

I disapprove of the amendment. I am convinced there is the need to start the legacy of power handed over from one president to another. President Museveni needs to step down so that we can have someone who actually respects institutions put in place.


On her decision to join ANT

I felt there was still something I could contribute personally in order to institute change. Hence, I  joined ANT because it is a party that carries the values I believe in. The motto of ANT is one that emphasizes the future and seeks to do so by building the party from the ground. The aim is to set in place structures and lay a foundation that would be beneficial for a better and different era than the current one we live in.

Role of ANT regarding a peaceful transition of government

We are building the party from the grassroot. ANT is creating awareness for Ugandans to comprehend the need to concentrate on having political parties which thrive on values. These values include integrity, hard work ,discipline, discouraging  corruption, promoting and encouraging accountability. Emphasis on these values within ANT will help people to understand the necessity for a peaceful transfer of government.

On the situation of polarizing politics

Creating awareness on this issue is paramount. There are in fact people out there who are not attracted to violence, bribery or engaging in evil. As the Alliance for National Transformation party, we want people to understand that the situation in Uganda can be changed if we come together and get committed to the values propounded by ANT. Regardless of one’s religion, it is important that we all join politics and not give up. All believers should take interest in politics and find ways of making a positive difference.

On how ANT can attract people and resources to make a difference.

We need to help people understand that there has to be a change in their mindset. You cannot be in a party and expect to be given incentives all the time. We have to get to a point where we ask ourselves “what is it that I am bringing to this party?”. People’s mindset need to change from looking at parties as what needs to contribute to them to rather acknowledging they can be instrumental to the party because they are contributing to the change that they want.  ANT is inviting all well-intentioned Ugandans who want to see a transformation of its society to join the party because we know we cannot do it alone.  We need people to come in with both tangible resources and intangible skills.

On mentoring the youth to build Uganda

We need to help them understand discipline, respect, and other values we learnt in our generation growing up.

Final remarks: I would like to invite well-meaning Ugandans who believe in the values of integrity, godliness, gender equality, peaceful resolution of conflict and accountability to join ANT. We ask that people join us to enable growth through sharing of ideas, views, and capacities  to move forward as a party.

Report compiled by Priscilla Kwabea Fianko, Intern with ANT.